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Mr Harris and the Night Train -  English. Listening and Reading

08.12.2021          14 min.


Level 1. By Jennifer Bassett. A sensible middle-aged man - travelling north through the forests and lakes of Finland, hoping for a quiet journey.

Ski Race

03.12.2021          8 min.


Level 0. By Eleanor Jupp.  Rebecca, Sue, Mark and David are on a skiing holiday in the mountains.

The Well

28.11.2021          9 min.


Level 0. By Clare Harris.  Lia lives with her mother, her father and her brother, Jay.


25.11.2021          27 min.


Level 1. London. Two thousand years of history.

The Blue Diamond 1/6

16.11.2021          10 min.


Level 1.  An old hat (The blue diamond by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

The Umbrella

14.11.2021          8 min.


Level 0.  By Clare Harris. This is a romantic story of mistaken identity. On a wet day, the purchase of an umbrella leads to a romantic chance encounter.

L. A. Detective

31.10.2021          9 min.


Level 0.  Learn English through Stories. L. A. Detective by Philip Prowse.

Jane Eyre

27.10.2021          1 h. 19 min.


Level 0.  In the story, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte wrote about her own life.

Blue Fins

18.10.2021          9 min.


Level 0.  Beginner / Starter. Story with Subtitles. Blue Fins by Sarah Axten.

Newspaper Chase

15.10.2021          8 min.


Level 0.  Harry Black is a thief. He takes a famous painting and puts it in an old newspaper. But then the recycling truck arrives—and where is Harry's newspaper?

The Girl with Green Eyes -  WooEnglish

26.05.2022          21 min.


The Girl with Green Eyes by John Escott (Graded Reader Level A1 beginners).

Joey's Luck

06.03.2022          18 min.


Joey's Luck by John Escott story read and listen English for beginners.

Your Body

04.07.2022          12 min.


Level 1. A1 beginner English story for learning English.

The Crown -  Easy English Abraão

27.05.2022          53 min.


Level 1 Learn English through history.

Little Red Riding Hood

09.03.2022          16 min.


Level 1 Short stories in English is a great tool for learning english.

The great fire of London

31.12.2021          27 min.


Level 0. Listening practice for beginners.

Sherlock Holmes

19.09.2021          52 min.


Level 1. Learn English through history.

One Way Ticket

14.09.2021          51 min.


Level 1. Learn English through the story "One Way Ticket".





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