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Bad Mosquito! Go Away! -  Super JoJo

25.06.2022          40 min.


Summer is coming, don't scratch when the mosquito bites you.

Help Song

19.06.2022          37 min.


Teaching our kids to help others is a good way to learn the importance of kindness.

Shark Finger Family

11.06.2022          38 min.


Hot nursery rhymes Baby Shark + Finger Family.

The Baby Next Door

05.06.2022          42 min.


It's good to teach children to take care of others. It will help them learn to be responsible and loving.

Picnic Day

24.05.2022          32 min.


Tasting food to try to guess what it is: that is a great and exciting sensorial game for our kids!

Don't Touch Hot Water

20.05.2022          36 min.


Watch out! Don't get scald.

Happy Birthday Song

16.05.2022          39 min.


Saying happy birthday and singing the happy birthday song to kids can enhance the parent-child.

I Like Going Shopping

12.05.2022          45 min.


Shopping is a fun opportunity for children to see and learn about food.

Safety Seat Song

04.05.2022          37 min.


It's important to teach kids to use a seatbelt and wear it right in the car.

One Potato Two Potatoes

30.04.2022          35 min.


Parents can use daily activities to teach kids counting numbers.

JoJo is a Brave Firefighter

25.03.2022          29 min.


JoJo and his siblings play firefighters role-play games which can help kids learn about jobs and build courage and confidence.

What Color Do You Like

21.03.2022          26 min.


Wow! There are many colorful lollipops. Red, yellow, blue and green! What color do you like?

Yum Yum Sweet Donuts

17.03.2022          33 min.


Little baker JoJo can make yummy donuts!

Which Yummy Juice Do You Like?

05.03.2022          33 min.


There are many bottles of colorful juice. Which one do you like?

Telephone Song

01.03.2022          32 min.


Hello! My friend~ This is JoJo, speaking.

Rain Rain Go Away

25.02.2022          40 min.


Rain rain go away, come again another day. JoJo wants to play~ It's raining outside! Let's go out and play!

Surprise Eggs and Toy Cars

21.02.2022          25 min.


Look! Surprise Eggs! What is inside? Fire truck, ambulance, police car and bus. Which one do you like?

Clean Up Song

17.02.2022          32 min.


JoJo, clean up your toys after playing.

Jump Jump Animals

11.02.2022          25 min.


JoJo is a little happy frog. Little animals are jumping on the bed.

Wash Hands Song

03.02.2022          25 min.


Remember to wash your hands before eating.

Little Doctor Song

28.01.2022          23 min.


Bunny is ill. Don't worry! Doctor JoJo will take car of it.

JoJo Happy Birthday

20.01.2022          29 min.


It's JoJo's birthday party! Colorful ballons, yummy cakes and many gifts. Let's join the party and have fun with JoJo!

Gulp, Letís Drink Water

09.01.2022          50 min.


Gulp, Letís Drink Water; Playtime on the slide; The Big Wolf Is Coming; Surprise Egg Toys




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