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3000+ WORDS. Practice British English Pronunciation -  Shaw English Online

27.11.2021          5 h. 31 min.


Practise British English Pronunciation of Common Vocabulary: Food, School, Travel, Business etc.

2,264 Words. English Pronunciation Practice

23.11.2021          1 h. 43 min.


2,264 Words | English Pronunciation Practice of Consonant Sounds using Minimal Pairs.

27 English Vowel and Consonant Sound Pronunciation

18.11.2021          1 h. 38 min.


27 English Vowel and Consonant Sound Pronunciation Lessons for Beginners.

27 Listening Practice Tests

12.11.2021          1 h. 8 min.


Learn How To Pronounce English Vowel and Consonant Sounds: seat vs sit, bed vs bid, let vs late, ran vs run, etc.

English Pronunciation Course for Beginners

06.11.2021          6 h. 1 min.


English Pronunciation Course for Beginners. Learn Vowel and Consonant Sounds. 27 Lessons.

1532 Words English Pronunciation Practice

25.10.2021          1 h. 16 min.


English Pronunciation Practice of Consonant Sounds using Minimal Pairs: bin vs pin, pin vs ping, chip vs tip, fan vs van etc.

19 Pronunciation Lessons for Beginners

19.10.2021          1 h. 13 min.


Learn English Pronunciation Consonant Sounds.

19 Listening Practice Tests

15.10.2021          51 min.


19 Practice tests of English consonant sounds. Learn English pronunciation: /b/ vs /p/, /n/ vs /ŋ/, /ʧ/ vs /t/ , /f/ vs /v/, etc.

Learn English Pronunciation Course for Beginners

11.10.2021          4 h. 26 min.


Learn the pronunciation of English consonant sounds in this pronunciation course. 19 Consonant Lessons.

1000 Most Common English VERBS

02.10.2021          1 h. 57 min.


1000 English Verbs to listen and repeat. Improve your English pronunciation.

1000 Most Common English Words

13.05.2021          1 h. 57 min.


Practice pronouncing 1000 of the most common English words in this British pronunciation practice drill.

100 Business Words

07.08.2021          13 min.


Practice and learn the pronunciation of 100 Business words.

50 WORDS. Social Media and the Internet

17.07.2021          7 min.


Practice your pronunciation with 50 words about social media and the Internet.

50 WORDS about Love, Dating, and Marriage

03.07.2021          7 min.


Practice your pronunciation of 50 words about love, marriage, and dating with our British English teacher.

Practice Listening Test of English Vowel Sounds

17.04.2021          17 min.


Practice and improve your English listening and pronunciation skills of the English vowel sounds.

Choose vs Lose Pronunciation, Meaning, Grammar

01.12.2021          4 min.


Choose vs Lose Pronunciation, Meaning, Grammar with Example English Sentences.

Silent Letter 'H'

15.08.2020          6 min.


The pronunciation of 60 words using the silent 'H'

DO NOT pronounce the G

25.07.2020          4 min.


Fanny teaches the English pronunciation of 24 common English words. All of these words have the silent letter 'G".

Do Not Pronounce the Silent Letter C

11.07.2020          4 min.


A list of words containing the silent c. Please read and repeat after her to learn all words containing the silent letter 'c'

DO NOT Pronounce the Silent 'd'

20.06.2020          4 min.


Learn correct English pronunciation of the words and do not pronounce the silent 'd'.

Words Beginning with ACC

28.08.2018          10 min.


Fanny teaches the pronunciation of words beginning with ACC.





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