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Learn all the Tenses in English: Complete Course - Learn English with Rebecca

17.06.2022          10 h. 38 min.


Do you want to learn all the English tenses, clearly and one step at a time?

Upgrade your English: 12 Confusing Advanced Adjectives

01.04.2022          27 min.


Do you know the difference between “historic” and “historical”?

English Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement – all, most, some, none

08.10.2021          13 min.


Watch this lesson to learn when to use a singular or plural verb.

English Grammar Hack: Where should you put the adverb?

20.08.2021          11 min.


“Always I go home”, “I always go home”, or “I go always home”?

PREPOSITIONS IN ENGLISH: work in, as, from, for, at, on...?

07.06.2021          14 min.


Do you know what prepositions to use with “work”?

Fix Your Mistakes: 3 Common English Errors with Adjectives

13.05.2021          13 min.


Adjectives are words like good, bad, sad, happy, cheap, and expensive.

Prepositions of Time: 6 Easy Exceptions

07.03.2021          16 min.


Prepositions of time in English are tricky, but expressions of time are really confusing!

IN or ON? Learn to use these 8 professional English verbs correctly

21.01.2021          16 min.


Do you say “focus in” or “focus on”? “Specialize in” or “specialize on”?

Comparative & Superlative Adjectives in English

27.12.2020          14 min.


Are you feeling better or more better? If you’re unsure, you have to watch this English grammar lesson!
Learn English: SAY or TELL?

03.12.2020          11 min.


Many English learners make a mistake with these verbs!

10 Common Mistakes with Verbs & Prepositions in English

19.09.2020          19 min.


Want to learn prepositions easily?

Learn English Tenses: How to learn ALL 12 tenses

11.08.2020          3 min.


An overview of all 12 tenses in English.

Learn English Tenses: Review of ALL 12 TENSES in English

07.08.2020          11 min.


Do you know all 12 English tenses?

Prepositions: Fix 8 Common Errors with the F.U.N. method!

10.12.2019          15 min.


Test your prepositions of time and place with F.U.N.!


26.09.2019          11 min.


Stative verbs can be confusing, but not after this lesson!


13.09.2019          10 min.


Did something happen “while our vacation” or “during our vacation”?

How to use the modal SHOULD in English

22.07.2019          15 min.


The modal verb “should” is used every day in English.

Do you make these mistakes in English?

12.04.2019          18 min.


Want to improve your English easily and quickly?

Can I? Could I? May I?

02.03.2019          10 min.


Should you say “Can I”, “Could I”, or “May I”?

AT, ON, or IN? The Triangle Method for Prepositions of Place

09.02.2019          11 min.


Learn this simple trick to use “at”, “on”, and “in” correctly in English.

English Grammar: How to use 5 confusing indefinite pronouns

22.11.2018          15 min.


“None of them is” or “none of them are”?
How to say the time in English

20.09.2018          9 min.


What's the time right now? Can you answer this question quickly.

How to read and write a date, and how not to do it

11.01.2018          13 min.


If you don't know how to write the date correctly, you may lose your job.

No more mistakes with MODALS! 3 Easy Rules

02.11.2017          10 min.


Do modals confuse you?




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