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Learn Everyday English For Speaking -  Easy English

30.06.2022          16 min.


Talking about Vacation (Past Tense Simple). Talking about Restaurants. Talking about School.

Daily English Conversation Practice

20.06.2022          14 min.


At the Park. Talking about Experiences with Present Perfect. Vacation Plans (Future Simple and be going to).

Basic English Conversation

26.05.2022          18 min.


1. What Do You Do? 2. What are You Doing? 3. Location 4. Where Are You from? 5. Itís Nice to Meet You!

On the Street - English Conversation

04.05.2022          20 min.


1. Are You a Visitor? 2. In the Bus Station 3. Is This Seat Taken?

Immigrant Life - English Conversation

11.04.2022          17 min.


1. Youíre Not from Around Here, Are You? 2. What Nationality Are You?

English Conversation Practice

16.03.2022          16 min.


1. Agreeing and Disagreeing 2. Expressing Surprise and Concern 3. Expressing Preferences

Can I Help You? - English Conversation

09.03.2022          16 min.


1. At the Market 2. At the Shopping Mall 3. At the Bookstore 4. At the Police Station

Everyday Problems and Situations

02.03.2022          16 min.


A Moral Dilemma 2. Recycling 3. Reduce and Reuse 4. The Right Thing to Do

At Home - English Conversation

09.02.2022          15 min.


1. Get up and have breakfast 2. Securing the house against burglars

Conversation Topics for English Learners

02.02.2022          15 min.


At the Doctor's 2. How Much Is It? 3. Comparatives and Superlatives 4. Talking about a Problem

Real Life English Conversations

27.01.2022          15 min.


1. Do You Like Traveling Abroad? - Talking about Travel 2. Receiving a Visitor

Easy English Dialogues

30.12.2021          17 min.


1. Articles a/an and the 2. How's Your First Week Going? 3. Asking for Directions

Everyday English Conversation Practice

08.12.2021          15 min.


Question Words: when, where, why, how, which, whose, who, what 2. Future with Be Going To

English Conversation Practice

01.12.2021          15 min.


1. Eating out vs. Cooking at Home 2. Solving Problems 3. Could You Do Me a Favor?

Meeting Someone New

17.11.2021          15 min.


Talking about work 3. A typical day 4. Trying something new

Moving Into a New House

20.10.2021          14 min.


1. Arranging the Furniture and Decorating the House 2. Describing Your House

An Englishman in New York

06.10.2021          14 min.


Learn about a few differences between American English and British English in this video

School Life

08.09.2021          13 min.


College Life 2. Talking about a School Project 3. Talking about Grades

Introduce Yourself in five different English Accents

26.08.2021          12 min.


Learn how to introduce yourself, by watching and listening to five English native speakers

A One-Way Ticket, Please

30.03.2021          9 min.


Learn English words and phrases that are useful in your journey by train, bus, subway or taxi.

At the Airport

27.01.2021          9 min.


Learn English words and phrases you can use at the airport when checking in,

Renting an apartment

13.01.2021          8 min.


Learn useful vocabulary and phrases for renting an apartment.





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