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Practice Speak Like a Native English Speaker -  English Speaking Course

08.07.2022          19 min.


We will learn the conversations of native speakers, if you want to be able to speak fluently and naturally

Speak American English in 100 Minutes

01.07.2022          1 h. 44 min.


This daily English section will help you because all the sentences are everyday sentences

Improve English Listening and Speaking Skill

01.06.2022          2 h. 30 min.


You can improve your listening and speaking skills with real-life video conversations on many daily topics.

English Listening Practice for Beginners

26.05.2022          1 h. 30 min.


Your English will improve after practice with this video, there are many funny daily life conversations.

"I Wish I Had" - Speak English with an American Accent

24.05.2022          15 min.


There are many ways to say "I wish" in daily conversation. Let's watch this video and learn some popular ways.

How Long Does It Take? - Asking Questions in English

19.05.2022          23 min.


Watch the video and learn some common answers to this type of question.

Learn Basic English in 50 minutes

17.05.2022          54 min.


After 50 minutes of watching videos and practicing with video conversations, your skills will be improved so much!

English Conversations - Practice Speak

01.05.2022          1 h. 30 min.


You can watch and practice in imitation to improve your communication skills immediately.

Daily English Speaking Practice - Glad To Meet You

23.04.2022          31 min.


Improve English every day by English Speaking Practice.

Daily Life English Conversations

15.04.2022          38 min.


The conversations with everyday life topics in this video are sure to improve your communication skills.

Improve English Listening and Speaking Skills Everyday

01.04.2022          1 h. 2 min.


Learn English with many daily conversations for beginners to practice.

Improve English Listening and Speaking

31.12.2021          1 h. 35 min.


Practice listening and speaking English through daily conversations.

Daily Life English Dialogues with Subtitles

19.12.2021          31 min.


You can stand in front of the mirror and then practice with yourself... Hope your English skills will improve.

How Can I Help You? - At the Airport & On the Plane

11.12.2021          11 min.


Mark is going on a business trip. He went to a travel agent to book a flight.

English Conversation at Workplace

04.12.2021          34 min.


Business English communication skills are essential for getting ahead at work.

Learn English Listening Comprehension

01.12.2021          5 h. 42 min.


English Listening Practice - Learn English Listening Comprehension.

English Conversations about Traveling

10.11.2021          20 min.


Travel English lessons should be used by people going to an English speaking country.

Beginner Levels

16.10.2021          1 h. 29 min.


Beginner Levels - Learn English Speaking Easily Quickly English Conversation.

Learn English through Story with Subtitles

05.10.2021          2 h. 47 min.


English Listening and Speaking Conversation Practice.

Basic English Conversation in 2 Hours for Beginner

10.09.2021          2 h. 23 min.


Basic English Conversation in 2 Hours for Beginner - Easily Improve Your English Skills.

English Listening and Speaking through Stories (Dora Series Full 1-10)

06.08.2021          1 h. 33 min.


Practice English Listening and Speaking through Stories (Dora Series Full 1-10).




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