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Help a new friend learn English -  English Conversation

08.07.2022          9 min.


A new friend from Mexico and wants to practice her English more fluently, let's help her learn English about food.

Meeting people and introducing others

20.05.2022          8 min.


Get to know new friends and introduce them to others.

Chat with foreigners on the plane

28.03.2022          9 min.


You often travel by plane, and often sit next to foreigners but don't know how to start a conversation.

Go out on weekends

02.03.2022          10 min.


Conversation between husband and wife, on their weekend.

First day of college

22.01.2022          11 min.


A student's first day at university is fun and full of new things.

Planting a Christmas tree

21.12.2021          10 min.


Lessons about friends buying Christmas supplies.

English conversation at the theater

02.10.2021          9 min.


Friends who talk in English about movies.

Love story

28.08.2021          8 min.


Love stories always attract the attention of many people.

Weather and nature

13.08.2021          8 min.


This is a conversational English lesson, an easy approach to English.

Friends talk about American food

24.05.2021          14 min.


Today's lesson is about food.

Friends and social networks

21.04.2021          11 min.


English conversation with many characters in many different situations.

Picnic with best friend - On the road

22.03.2021          16 min.


Learn English through conversations between friends about their car.

Common phrasal verbs and usage

05.02.2021          8 min.


Phrases are commonly used in English so if you are a language learner.

How to learn English listening and comprehension skills

08.01.2021          17 min.


English listening skills are extremely important to learners.

How to improve English speaking skills?

10.12.2020          10 min.


Have you ever encountered a case of talking to a foreigner.

English conversations about Food

14.11.2020          11 min.


Comments about your favorite foods.

Hang out with friends

19.10.2020          16 min.


Learn English through topics about entertainment with friends.

College life

25.09.2020          14 min.


You want to study in an English environment.

Eating with friends

25.08.2020          13 min.


Eating and drinking is a regular activity, so knowing the eating sentences.

House and apartment

18.07.2020          10 min.


Simple English conversations about renting an apartment.




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