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English Speaking Practice with Jennifer Banks.



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Talk about helping animals -  Jennifer Banks

28.06.2022          8 min.


English conversation about helping a bear in a cold place.

Greetings in a friend's home

01.06.2022          6 min.


Go to a friend's house, say hello, talk to family members.

Helping a man with a broken car

12.05.2022          14 min.


While on the ship, the group of friends saw a man who seemed to be helping.

Going to a friend's hometown

11.04.2022          17 min.


Listen to the conversation to understand the content.

Why do you study abroad?

01.04.2022          10 min.


Nowadays, studying abroad has become easier.

Help foreigners and talk about learning English on the Internet

15.02.2022          11 min.


Conversations about students who met a tourist from another country.

FOMO and Bitcoin

28.01.2022          14 min.


Let's learn English through conversations of young people who want to get rich.

The life of a freelancer

30.12.2021          11 min.


Learn about the life of a freelancer, a mysterious man. Read sentences to practice your English speaking.

A conversation between two friends preparing for a birthday party

19.11.2021          14 min.


Another lesson in English speaking practice.

Confess your love

06.11.2021          13 min.


The story of a girl who likes a guy, her preparation for a date.

New friend in California

14.09.2021          10 min.


Jennifer's journey begins when she arrives on the west coast of the United States.

Easy method to learn English

26.08.2021          8 min.


Self-studying English has never been easier than it is today.

Study at home

19.08.2021          15 min.


Because they can't go to school, as usual, Sophia and Lucy have to study at home.

Work from home

07.08.2021          15 min.


With the current social distancing situation, working from home is gradually becoming popular.

Your phone, tech advice

20.07.2021          17 min.


Conversations about technology, lessons include sections on operating systems.

Talk about you

02.07.2021          19 min.


With a new method to help you speak English directly.

English at the supermarket

11.05.2021          8 min.


Easy conversation lessons with vocabulary about going to the supermarket.

How to answer "How are you?"

30.03.2021          4 min.


To make the conversation more professional, you should answer the question "How are you?"

The most common English phrases that native speakers use

18.01.2021          9 min.


It will be helpful to anyone who knows the most common English phrases.

Easy Conversations - A day at school

22.12.2020          14 min.


Simple English conversations about greeting friends, chatting about school.

Chat about work and shopping

15.09.2020          8 min.


Through the lesson about talking about the paper stapler, buying services online.

Common English questions and answers

08.07.2020          11 min.


The best way to learn English well. Learn common English questions & answers.

Lend, Borrow

06.12.2019          5 min.


Conversations about borrowing and lending.



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