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What English people SAY vs What English people MEAN! - English with Lucy

08.07.2022          9 min.


British people like to avoid saying what we really mean at work and in emails!

30 SUPER COMMON English Phrases

17.03.2022          14 min.


Learn 30 really common everyday phrases that you can use on a daily basis!

Learn 50 Phrasal Verbs in 30 minutes

22.02.2022          30 min.


Learn advanced English phrasal verbs in under 30 minutes!

Learn English in 90 minutes - ALL the Advanced Vocabulary You Need!

02.02.2022          1 h. 22 min.


Learn advanced English vocabulary in under 90 minutes!

WOULD - The 10 Uses

19.01.2022          13 min.


How to use the auxiliary verb 'would' in every situation in English.


08.12.2021          16 min.


Let's look at the 4 adverbs of time - still, yet, already and just! We will look at their usages, and you can test your understanding!

20 Common English Speaking Mistakes

16.09.2021          15 min.


Learn 20 of the most common mistakes in spoken and written English and how to QUICKLY correct them!

British vs American vs Canadian ENGLISH Differences!

11.08.2021          19 min.


English teachers Rachel and Bob join me today for this vocabulary and accent comparison video: US vs UK vs Canadian.
50 COMMON English Phrases to Use in Conversation

16.10.2019          12 min.


This is the best video to get started with English language!

30 Tough but Very Important Advanced English Phrases

07.04.2021          15 min.


Learn 30 tough but important advanced English phrases used by natives on a daily basis to expand.

25 Smart Sentences for Daily Use in English Conversation

19.08.2020          16 min.


Learn 25 advanced English sentences for daily use in English conversation!

20 Common English Expressions you HAVE to Know

17.02.2021          13 min.


Learn 20 most popular British and American English slang phrases e.g. 'down' and 'bomb.'

Avoid Repeating BECAUSE!

24.03.2021          14 min.


How to stop saying 'because' and 'because of'. Replace because with advanced alternatives like now that & since.

AVOID Repeating These 6 Everyday Words

24.11.2020          13 min.


Want to avoid repeating the same words like please, sorry, tired, sad, bored and fine.
AVOID Repeating These Words in Daily English Conversation

05.08.2020          16 min.


Do you want to avoid repeating words? We overuse common words like yes, no, thank you, sorry and okay.

STOP confusing these words! Especially or Specially? Assure or Ensure?

02.12.2020          15 min.


You no longer have to confuse pairs/trios of words like lose and loose, accept and except

50 Advanced Adjectives to Describe Personality

12.05.2021          23 min.


These advanced adjectives will help you improve your vocabulary!

30 Tough but Very Important Advanced Verbs

27.04.2021          15 min.


Learn these tough verbs and expand your vocabulary! Includes pronunciation tips and examples.

20 Incredibly British Words & Phrases

04.11.2020          13 min.


Chuffed? Miffed? Learn & pronounce 20 very British words and phrases!

15 Funny English Idioms (make people laugh!)

07.10.2020          14 min.


Learn 15 English idioms that make people laugh! I explain WHAT they mean.

36 Smart and Interesting Responses to 'HOW ARE YOU?'

11.12.2019          12 min.


Learn how to respond to 'how are you?' like a native English speaker.
20 English Idioms to Sound Like a Native English Speaker

27.11.2019          10 min.


These British and American idioms (expressions) will help you build your vocabulary and speaking skills.


23.12.2020          13 min.


Learn how to use 'used to', 'use to', 'be used to', 'get used to' and 'would do' in this English grammar lesson.

DO NOT SAY 'GOODBYE!' - We DON'T say this anymore!

06.07.2019          9 min.


"Goodbye" is very old fashioned and is not commonly used.



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