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IELTS Speaking Test: Guide for Beginners  - English Speaking Success

21.05.2022          29 min.


If you are new to IELTS Speaking, then this Guide for Beginners is for you.

IELTS Speaking Live Lesson: Topic of CITIES

11.07.2022          1 h. 39 min.


This is useful to talk about cities you have been to, that you would like to visit or even your hometown.

IELTS Reading: More Tips for 2022

10.06.2022          1 h. 20 min.


In this live lesson I am joined again by Fiona Wattam to give you more winning tips for IELTS Reading.

IELTS Reading Tips: True, False, Not Given - PART 2

08.06.2022          55 min.


I am joined by Fiona who will talk about how to improve your reading skills for IELTS.

IELTS Speaking Practice: Topic of Advertisement

02.06.2022          1 h. 40 min.


Today it's an exciting lesson all about adverts or advertisements.

IELTS Speaking Practice: Topic of FOOD

05.05.2022          2 h. 6 min.


Today we've got a great live lesson all about FOOD.
IELTS Writing: What the examiner is looking for!

27.04.2022          2 h. 14 min.


We will give you a simple, step-by-step guide to understand IELTS Writing.

15 Simple Phrases to Sound More British

23.04.2022          18 min.


If you don't want to sound British, don't watch it, go away!

How to get a Band 8 in IELTS Speaking

02.04.2022          16 min.


Are you aiming for a Band 8 in IELTS Speaking?

The Most Common Mistakes IELTS Speaking Students Make

26.03.2022          20 min.


I am about to share with you the 5 most common mistakes IELTS Speaking students make.

IELTS Speaking Practice: Topic of Movies

24.03.2022          1 h. 58 min.


This is not the time to watch a movie, but it is the time to talk about films and movies.

30 Phrases to Talk about your Free Time in English

19.03.2022          25 min.


Do you have any interesting hobbies?

IELTS Writing: Tips to Improve your Score

24.02.2022          1 h. 29 min.


We've got a super exciting lesson today, all about IELTS Writing.

30 Phrases to Talk about your Family

05.02.2022          26 min.


Learn to talk about your family with natural spoken English - let me show you how.

Basic English Grammar Made Easy

22.01.2022          41 min.


Do you think grammar is just a lot of boring rules?

IELTS Speaking Practice : Topic of TRAVEL

13.01.2022          1 h. 46 min.


The live lesson today is all about TRAVEL and TOURISM.

English Small Talk: Start Conversations Easily

18.12.2021          26 min.


How do you start a conversation in English?

IELTS Speaking Practice - Topic of The INTERNET

09.12.2021          1 h. 35 min.


So today, we are going to be talking about The Internet.

Being polite in English: Useful expressions

04.12.2021          18 min.


Being polite in English is not that easy to do….unless you watch this video….let’s do it.

15 Useful Phrases for IELTS Speaking PART 1

16.10.2021          22 min.


You are about to learn 15 Useful Phrases that can help you impress the examiner in IELTS Speaking.

10 Useful PHRASAL VERBS for Any Topic in IELTS Speaking

25.09.2021          30 min.


10 phrasal verbs that will make your English sound more natural.

Avoid these COMMON grammar MISTAKES

07.08.2021          30 min.


If you are making these common mistakes in your IELTS Speaking test, then you are bringing your score down.

Speak English Like a Native Speaker in 20 Minutes

12.06.2021          21 min.


You just need to practice speaking in a different way.



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