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Learn English with BETTER CALL SAUL -  Learn English With TV Series

16.07.2022          24 min.


Today we’re learning English with the Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul!

Learn English with Queen | WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS

12.07.2022          14 min.


Due to popular demand, we’re back with more English learning with the epic British rock band, QUEEN!

Learn English with Disney | ALADDIN

05.07.2022          15 min.


Today, we'll learn English with a classic Disney movie from 1992, Aladdin!

Learn English with MOVIES | The Truman Show

02.07.2022          20 min.


Today we’ve selected two scenes from the movie The Truman Show for you to learn English with!

Learn English with Disney | TARZAN

28.06.2022          13 min.


Today, we'll learn English with the Disney classic, Tarzan!

RACHEL & PHOEBE's Best Scenes — English Lesson with FRIENDS

21.06.2022          18 min.


Get ready to learn English with some scenes from series Friends featuring Rachel and Phoebe!

Learn English for JOB INTERVIEWS | Lesson with Modern Family

14.06.2022          18 min.


We’ll look at 5 things you can learn from Modern Family’s Claire.

3 Best TED Talks for Learning English

07.06.2022          19 min.


An important part of being a successful language learner is having the right mindset.

Learn English with DISNEY Movies | A BUG'S LIFE

14.05.2022          17 min.


Today we're learning English with another Disney Pixar movie, A Bug's Life.

Learn English with DOCTOR STRANGE | Benedict Cumberbatch

07.05.2022          18 min.


You will learn English with Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who plays Doctor Strange.

Learn English with The Secrets of Dumbledore | Harry Potter Universe

16.04.2022          16 min.


This movie will help us learn more about the young Dumbledore.

THE GODFATHER | Learn English with Mafia Movies

05.04.2022          23 min.


Released in 1972, The Godfather is a movie about the Italian Mafia.

Learn English with The FATE OF THE FURIOUS

12.03.2022          21 min.


Learn a lot about English pronunciation with Charlize Theron and Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious.

Learn English with DISNEY Movies | The Emperor's New Groove

08.03.2022          18 min.


Let's learn English with #Disney's super funny movie.

Learn English with Lucifer

19.02.2022          20 min.


Learn English with very charismatic and eccentric Lucifer Morningstar.

Learn English With Angelina Jolie | SALT

10.02.2022          27 min.


Get ready to learn English with Angelina Jolie as we look at two great scenes.

Learn English with DON'T LOOK UP | Leo DiCaprio & Jennifer Lawrence

22.01.2022          23 min.


Let's learn English with Nextflix's new hit movie of the year, Don't Look Up.

Learn English with The Lion King | DISNEY CLASSIC

18.01.2022          24 min.


In this video you will learn English with Disney

Learn English With Movies | RIO

12.10.2021          27 min.


You will learn lots of vocabulary and expressions with the fun animation RIO!

Learn English with Angelina & Johnny Depp | THE TOURIST

10.07.2021          20 min.


In this lesson, you'll learn English with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

Learn English with PULP FICTION

12.06.2021          26 min.


Learn English with a highly requested lesson on Quentin Tarantino's classic, Pulp Fiction!

Learn English With Disney | Cinderella

17.04.2021          23 min.


Let's learn English with Disney's classic fairytale, Cinderella!



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