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Phrasal Verbs | Part 28 | Get At, Set Back.. -  English in Context

15.07.2022          4 min.


In this vide: get at, take up with, set back, drift apart, buckle down.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 27 | Talk Up, Go Under..

17.06.2022          5 min.


In this vide: fit in, talk up, hash out, go under, be into.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 26 | Talk Into, Hammer Out..

13.05.2022          5 min.


In this vide: talk into, hammer out, follow up, back down, waltz in.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 25 | Cheese Off, Wrap Up..

15.04.2022          6 min.


In this vide: cheese off, go for, feel down, get rid of, wrap up.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 24 | Bring Down, Live Up To..

18.03.2022          7 min.


In this vide: bring down, set up, cheat on, live up to, bounce back.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 23 | Step Up, Cool Off..

18.02.2022          6 min.


In this vide: step up, cool off, put in, seek out, bail on.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 22 | Pop In, Go Down..

04.02.2022          6 min.


In this vide: pop in, stay away, go down, chip in, step out.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 21 | Act Out, Butter Up, Come Off..

21.01.2022          6 min.


In this vide: act out, settle in, go ahead, butter up, come off.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 20 | Buy Into, Get Back At..

03.12.2021          11 min.


In this vide: buy into, slip up, get back at, kick in, burn out, put (someone) up to, lay off, break in, rat out, shake up.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 19 | Blend In, Show Off..

29.10.2021          10 min.


In this vide: blend in, head up, blurt out, rely on, suck up to, reason with, show off, back someone up, go along with, max out.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 18 | Play Along, Hop In, Cut Back..

01.10.2021          10 min.


In this vide: play along, get ahead, run out, hop in, cut back, think through, pop out, beat up, take away, kick out.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 17 | Pull Off, Dish Out, Turn In..

27.08.2021          12 min.


In this vide: pull off, buckle up, dish out, stick up for, turn in, drop by, slip away, wash up, lash out, sink in.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 16 | Go By, Put Away, Weird Out..

17.07.2021          14 min.


In this vide: go by, blow up, straighten out, come from, put away, hold on, knock down, walk around, weird out, break up.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 15 | Make Out, Bag On..

12.06.2021          14 min.


In this vide: make out, give up, think over, bag on, get away with, look after, sneak around, speak up, put on, go out.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 14 | Go On, Strike Out..

14.05.2021          16 min.


In this vide: go on, come through, take up, strike out, tear down, get away, put off, move over, give out, break down.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 13 | Blow Away, Rip Off..

21.04.2021          13 min.


In this vide: stick with, blow away, step aside, brush up \ brush up on, help out, rip off, turn on, stand down, cut out, hit on (someone).

Phrasal Verbs | Part 12 | Pick On, Wind Up..

07.04.2021          12 min.


In this vide: put up with, stand around, carry out, throw up, pick on, have over, fall apart, get by, break out, wind up.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 11 | Put Out, Give Away..

23.02.2021          17 min.


In this vide: grow up, put out, move on, let down, give away, take apart, freak out, start over, crack up, stand by.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 10 | Drop In, Come Forward..

03.02.2021          15 min.


In this vide: drop in, put up, point out, come forward, stand for, fill out, fill in\fill in for, jot down, knock up, pass on.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 9 | Take Off, Screw Up..

27.01.2021          8 min.


In this vide: flip out, take off, bump into, track down, screw up.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 8 | Come Up With, Take Down..

12.01.2021          14 min.


In this vide: come up with, kick off, put aside, screw over, look out \ to watch out, count on, stick around, take down, set on, back off.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 7 | Stop By, Blow Off..

01.01.2021          8 min.


In this vide: stop by, stand up, blow off, make up, carry on.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 6 | Warm Up, Put Down..

15.12.2020          16 min.


In this vide: warm up, dive in\into, put down, look up, roll over, come down with, name after, come across, bum out, settle down.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 5 | Ask Out, Barge In..

30.11.2020          7 min.


In this vide: ask out, give in, look forward to, barge in, storm out.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 4 | Get Over, Hook Up..

26.11.2020          8 min.


In this vide: get over, pass out, hook up, turn down, tag along.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 3 | Bust On, Dig In..

26.05.2020          11 min.


In this vide: take over, bust on, cut off, set (someone) up, pull over, dig in, hold back, come up, work (something) out, go over.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 2 | Mess Up, Fool Around..

23.04.2020          11 min.


In this vide: bring up, piss off, calm down, turn out, mess up, fool around, come over, catch up, call off, deal with.

Phrasal Verbs | Part 1 | Get Along, Figure Out, Cheer Up..

25.03.2020          8 min.


In this vide: find out, get along, cheer up, pick up, drop off, look for, figure out, move in, move out, hang out.



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