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Learn 200 advanced English Words -  Club James Studios

13.07.2022          1 h. 59 min.


Learn 200 advanced ENGLISH WORDS to sound like a native English speaker.

77 Very Useful English Words

09.07.2022          41 min.


Expand your English vocabulary by learning these very useful words.

3 Hours of Advanced English Conversation Practice

06.07.2022          3 h. 4 min.


Speak English - advanced conversational English practice.

34 Phrasal Verbs in English used to describe personality

27.06.2022          20 min.


By adding these 34 phrasal verbs to your English dictionary, you can talk about people.

100 English Everyday Idioms

21.06.2022          1 h. 12 min.


Practice conversational idioms and phrases that native English speakers use in everyday life.

160 English Opposite Adjectives

15.06.2022          24 min.


Learn to speak English fluently by adding these 200 opposite adjectives to your vocabulary.

100 English Opposite Verbs

12.06.2022          16 min.


This English video gives example sentences for each opposite verb.

88 SUPER SYNONYMS For Daily Use Words

27.05.2022          31 min.


Learn 88 English Synonyms for daily use English words that will transform your everyday English speaking vocabulary.

100 Most Common English Verbs (with Examples)

22.05.2022          34 min.


Learn how to speak English using these everyday verbs.


17.05.2022          42 min.


110 everyday English verbs + prepositions that are used in everyday conversations in English.

Learn 290 USEFUL COLLOCATIONS in English

28.04.2022          1 h. 56 min.


What is a collocation? A collocation is two words that go together to form a fixed relationship.

2 Hours of VERY USEFUL English Phrasal Verbs

26.04.2022          2 h. 9 min.


PHRASAL VERBS - Speak native English with these very useful phrasal verbs !

Learn 270 Synonym Words + Antonym Words in English

23.04.2022          41 min.


A Synonym means a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase.

8 hours of English exam training words

17.04.2022          8 h. 2 min.


This video contains 8 hours of English exam preparation words to help you improve your fluency in English.


14.04.2022          13 min.


Learn how to ask questions in English to boost your conversation skills and interact.

90 Super Daily Use English Words, Meanings + Sentences

30.03.2022          56 min.


Upgrade your spoken English by using these impressive English words.

40 Impressive Daily Use English Words

08.02.2022          25 min.


Learn 40 impressive daily use English words you should use in your English conversations.

Learn 130 FLUENT English Idioms

15.01.2022          1 h. 27 min.


Learn 130 FLUENT English Idioms and How To Use Them Naturally In English Conversations!

4 Hours Of English Phrasal Verbs

05.01.2022          4 h. 19 min.


Speak native English with these very useful phrasal verbs.

500+ Smart English Verbs

24.11.2021          4 h. 27 min.


Learn how to speak English fluently by using these 500+ smart English verbs.

Learn 1000 Common English Words with Pictures

28.02.2021          2 h. 36 min.


The biggest collection of common English vocabulary words with pictures.




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